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Wireless Networks for Business

Business class wireless networking systems installed for clients that demand quality!

Powerful Enterprise Encryption It is a standard practice for PC Networks to utilize the highest level of encryption possible for protection of data moving across my clients business networks, the level of security upon the wireless layer assures the highest security of your data.

Captive Portal Login To add the next layer of protection to our clients 802.11 wireless system, we configure a captive portal system which provides authentication and accounting of user logins while also allowing for *guest* logins.

Multiple Frequency Access Point To better serve my clients needs PC Networks designs and builds each clients access point to fit the needs of the company in addition to providing a wide range of the most affective and efficient frequencies required to complete the business mission.

Long Distance Wireless is sometimes a requirement of multi-homed businesses which may have satellite offices on different sides of town requiring connectivity between these sites to cut costs on WAN Wide Area Network Internet gateway fees.

IP CCTV Every business utilizes IP CCTV camera systems to maintain security of the premises, wireless networking also enables the use of IP cameras at locations remote to an office and well beyond the reach of Ethernet cable effectively.

Wired Business Networks for Business

Today more business owners are getting smart opting to own and operate their web server and e-Mail server solutions in house. PC Networks can show you how your business can enjoy greater control and flexibility over your virtual presence and the technology surrounding that presence.

VPN Connections Many business' with remote employees utilize VPN to provide a private tunnel into your business network allowing remote employees to gain access to company data securely and reliably.

Network Area Storage enables your staff to save files directly to internally hosted Network Area Storage systems accessible VIA the local area network serving the business establishment.

Premises Access Access control systems also can be network tied, these system provide a layer of security to the staff building access which is usually in an isolated area not associated with the general public.

Authentication & Accounting On some systems it is required to have full access control to the services and data distributed by the business network, in these cases PC Networks is able to build and install FreeRadius server to make authentication against MySQL database.

All business served: SoHo, small business, office, commercial networking and support usually within 60 minutes.